....Latin texts..Litterae Latinae....

Recorded readings of short Latin texts (1–5 min)...Loci Latini recitati minus quinarum minutarum.

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Looking for audio in Latin short recordings of texts to listen to?

Here you can find the audio files (Mp3) all in Latin. Every Latin audio lesson is accompanied by a transcription of the recitation. 

You can download them to listen to them on-the-go, on your iPhone, in you car or anywhere else. Click on the audio links below to access them. All the audio is also available on iTunes here. The audio files are listed in order of difficulty (intermediate Latin to advanced Latin).

The video part of the podcast can be found here.


Hic servantur omnes partes quae assa voce, ut ita dicam, sine specaculo factae sunt. Spectacula autem hic inveniuntur.


With only a few minutes here and there, you can make great progress when learning Latin. These 1-5 minutes recordings of short Latin texts are perfect for listening to in spare moments. So press play when standing in line, or when stuck in traffic, doing the dishes, riding home on the bus, while brushing your teeth or as a bedtime story before going to bed at night and soon you’ll find your Latin getting better and better. (Click here for an article on how short texts can be studied)

We only publish carefully prepared recordings of short Latin texts representing a wide variety of Latin authors (from antiquity to modern times). We will try to accommodate all levels of Latin, by recording both easier beginner texts and selections from the rich Latin literature.

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Join the Sodalicium because we regularly send out tips, updates and learning material.