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#21 – The life and death of Cicero (Lhomond) Part II | Latin texts..#21 – Ciceronis vita et mors (Lhomond) : Pars II

Hodie vobis recitabo alteram partem vitae Ciceronis qualis in libro Urbis Romae viri illustres a Carolo Lhomond scripto narratur. Utinam placeat. Si primam partem non audivistis, eam hic invenietis.

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#20 – The life and death of Cicero : Part I | Latin texts..#20 – Ciceronis vita et mors (Lhomond) : Pars I | Litterae Latinae

There are many biographies of Cicero—fewer in Latin, but of these, the short summary of his life composed by Charles Lhomond in the eighteenth century, is a great read for intermediate students, or anyone wanting to practice their Latin while learning about the Roman orator’s life. In this post you can listen to the Latin audio, and follow along in the transcription of the text from Lhomond.

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