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#47 – Sallust on glory and virtue | Latin texts 21..#47 – Sallustius de gloria et virtute | Litterae Latinae 21

In the beginning of his work War with Catiline, or Bellum Catilinae, Sallust speaks of the glory and virtue of men. Each week we publish recordings of short Latin texts representing a wide variety of Latin authors (from antiquity to modern times). We will try to accommodate all levels of Latin, by recording both easier beginner texts and selections from the rich Latin literature. 

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#44 – Cincinnatus | Latin texts 19..#44 – Cincinnatus | Litterae Latinae 19

One of the most famous stories from Latin literature concerns Cincinnatus’ brief dictatorship, and his absence of lust for power. Authors of the empire would often look back to him as an example of the old Roman morals before they were “corrupted”. Listen to the Latin text recorded from the text book written by Sanford and Scott.

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