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#32 – Sallust on the death of Catiline | Latin texts 8..#32 – Sallustius de exitu Catilinae | Litterae Latinae 8

Sallust is by far my favourite Roman historian. No other is able to combine nostalgia, moral judgement, and an engaging narrative style in such a powerful manner. The passage you’ll listen to now is taken from Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae. In the recording you can listen to the Latin text describing the demise of Catiline, the arch-nemesis of Cicero.

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#30 – Cicero's quest for the tomb of Archimedes | Latin texts 6..#30 – Cicero sepulchrum Archimedis indagat | Litterae Latinae 6

Marcus “Indy” Cicero goes on the quest to find the lost tomb of Archimedes. When even the natives did not believe his tomb was extant, Cicero, using a verse, sets out to prove them wrong. Unlike Indiana Jones, Cicero does not really get his hands dirty. Did he find it? Listen to the audio of this text taken from Cicero’s writings.

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#12 – Litterae Latinae | Catilina coniuratos hortatur (Sallustius, Cat. 20)

One of the most striking aspects of Sallust’s writing is his ability to compose speeches that capture the idea and persona of the speaker. I am not alone in my appreciation of his written oratory, as many a humanist student during the 16th century would have to commit to memory entire speeches taken from Sallust’s works. Now, listen to the Latin audio of Sallust’s take on Catiline’s speech where he addresses his co-conspirators in the conspiracy whichCicero famously put an end to.

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