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#13 – Latin literature | The Christmas Story x2 (Vulgate and Sebastien Châteillon)..#13 – Litterae Latinae | Christi nativitas x 2 (Versio vulgata et Sebastiani Castellionis)

The Christmas Story in Latin from the Vulgate is quite familiar to most students and teachers of Latin. This, however, is not the only Latin version of the story from the New Testament, for in 1551 the French humanist, Sébastien Châteillon, published his new translation of the Bible. Contrary to the Latin translation penned by St. Jerome in the 4th century, Châteillon’s version was written in a style much closer to that of Classical Latin. This post gives both texts as well as a recording of the two, for easy comparison of the two versions of the Christmas Story.

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