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#56 – Life and works of Petronius..#56 – Petronii vita et opera

Petronius, Neronis arbiter elegantiae. Audietis quis fuerit, quemadmodum sibi mortem inter epulas consciverit, cur purissimae impuritatis auctor vocatus sit. 

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#37 – Two letters from Cicero | Latin texts 12..#37 – Duae epistulae Ciceronis | Litterae Latinae 12

It is a great turn of luck that so many of Cicero’s letters have come done to us. Many of these treat the contemporary political events—for which letters are an invaluable source of information. Today, however, you’ll listen not to the political considerations of the statesman Cicero, but to the worried words of Cicero the father, writing to his wife regarding their daughter Tullia’s health.

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#36 – Caesar and the pirates | Latin texts 11 ..#36 – Caesar et piratae | Litterae Latinae 11

Caesar and the pirates. What more could we want? This is often quoted anecdote is, of course, taken from the Roman historian Suetonius who wrote several biographies of the emperors. The story I recite today is taken from his biography of Jullus Caesar. Listen to the audio and find out how things turned out for the pirates.

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