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#41 – Suetonius on Julius Caesar | Latin texts 16..#41 – Suetonius de Iulio Caesare | Litterae Latinae 16

Suetonius, most famous as author of a series of biographies of the Roman emperors, has a particulary amusing and engaging style, with an eye for detail, and a remarking ability to paint with words. In this recording you can listen to the Latin text in which Suetonius gives a detail physical description of Julius Caesar. Now that’s compelling Latin input to listen to! ;)

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#40 – The story about the wood-cutter and the golden axe | Latin texts 15..#40 – Fabula de lignatore et securi aurea | Litterae Latinae 15

There is something quite amusing with this kind of short pithy stories with a strong moral point to make. Listen to the audio of this Latin text about an honest wood cutter, and his axe. Does his honesty pay off? Listen and find out!

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#39 – Aurelius Commodus | Latin texts 14..#39 – Aurelius Commodus | Litterae Latinae 14

Aurelius Commodus is probably, at least these days, most known from the motion picture Gladiator, where he his played by Joaquin Phoenix. The fascination with this particular emperor goes back to the Roman historians. In this episode you can listen to a brief summary of Commodus’ life as it is given in the Epitome de Caesaribus.

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