Latin around the web 4 (5/15–5/21)

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1. This week's Latin quote

"Magnum proventum poetarum annus hic attulit: toto mense Aprili nullus fere dies, quo non recitaret aliquis. Iuvat me quod vigent studia, proferunt se ingenia hominum et ostentant, tametsi ad audiendum pigre coitur. 2 Plerique in stationibus sedent tempusque audiendi fabulis conterunt, ac subinde sibi nuntiari iubent, an iam recitator intraverit, an dixerit praefationem, an ex magna parte evoluerit librum; tum demum ac tunc quoque Lente cunctanterque veniunt, nec tamen permanent, sed ante finem recedunt, alii dissimulanter et furtim, alii simpliciter et libere."

— Pl. Ep. I.13


2. Videos in Latin

Interview with Luigi Miraglia in Latin Part 1/3

Interview with Luigi Miraglia in Latin Part 2/3

Interview with Luigi Miraglia in Latin Part 3/3

A very interesting interview (in Latin) with Luigi Miraglia, the creator of the Academia Vivarium Novum where Latin and Greek is taught in a year-round immersion setting.


3. Latin & Rome related articles


4. Books

I recently came across this book by Jürgen Leonhardt on the history of Latin. One main aspect that sets it apart from a classic such as Palmer's The Latin Language is that Leonhardt's work treats the history of Latin up to modern times. A good book for the summer!


This is a great book if you want to do a deep dive into the language of Terence. Among other subjects, Karakasis treats colloquialisms, hellenisms and "senile speech".  


5. Podcasts in Latin

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