Latin around the web 3 (5/7-5/14)

Here we publish links to anything interesting we've come across on-line regarding Latin and history, be it quotes, articles, blogs or events. If you have a suggestion leave a comment or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook @Latinitium.

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1. A quote in Latin

Cum taurum ingentem in arenam misisset, exissetque ad eum feriendum venator neque productum decies potuisset occidere, coronam venatori misit, mussantibusque cunctis, quid rei esset quod homo ineptissimus coronaretur, ille per curionem dici iussit: ‘Taurum totiens non ferire difficile est’.
— Historia Augusta, Gallieni duo XII.3–4

2. Videos in Latin

Chelmsford 123

This is a British sitcom from the late 1980's set in Roman Britain. During the first episodes there is quite a lot of Latin dialogue in Latin and it's rather amusing! The link is of a video with the Latin scenes cut together.


3. Latin & Rome related articles


4. Books

If you're interested in the humorous aspects of Plautine language, you may want to check out this book by Michael Fontaine:

Evagrius Magister

Miran Sajovic has published a new book for learning Latin. I have yet to read it, but it seems to be written in Latin in the spirit of Lingua Latina Per se Illustrata.


5. Podcasts in Latin

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