Latin Around the Web 2 (5/1–5/7)

Here we publish links to anything interesting we've come across on-line regarding Latin and history, be it quotes, articles, blogs or events. If you have a suggestion leave a comment or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook @Latinitium.

Learn Latin with audio books and videos in Latin with

1. Stand-up comedy in Latin  

The bit (click here) starts out in French and moves into Latin after about a minute.


2. New Latin books

The Polis Institute has released a book for learning to speak Latin:

Roberto Carfagni has published a key to his previous exercise book for Familia Romana:

George Steadman has released a new Latin reader with vocabulary and commentary:

I have not had the chance to read any of these books; if you have, leave a comment with your thoughts below. 


3. Podcasts in Latin

4. Latin & Rome related articles


If you come across any interesting things on-line, don't hesitate to send us a link! 

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