Latin Proverb # 14 – Ab ovo usque ad mala

Latin Proverb: Ab ovo usque ad mala – Horatius, Sat. 1.3.6-7

English equivalent: From A to Z, or From soup to nuts.

Translation: From the egg to the apples.

Meaning: From beginning to end.

Curiosities: The proverbs refers to the course of the typical Roman meal, that typically began with eggs and ended with fruit, just like we might start off with appetizers and end with desert, or something similar. The English proverb From soup to nuts, mimics this.   


Ab ovo usque ad mala in other languages? 

Español: De cabo a rabo.

What would you say in your language(s)? Or do you have some fun new versions of this proverb? Let us know in the comments below!

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