Latin Dictionaries

Here you will find the freely available Latin dictionaries for use in reading, learning, writing, and translating Latin. Whether you are learning Latin, or you want a Latin company name. Select the dictionary below:

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About the Latin dictionaries

English-Latin dictionary: Smith & Hall

The largest and most comprehensible English-Latin dictionary ever written is now freely available in a digital searchable version, here on Latinitium. This English-Latin dictionary is an invaluable resource for composing or writing Latin as well as translating into Latin.

Since this dictionary is very large, containing almost 29000 headwords, you will most likely find what you are looking for. What makes Smith & Hall highly useful is the large amount of examples taken from classical literature. That way you can easily judge which contexts are suitable for your particular word.

I always recommend students double check the Latin translation in a Latin-English dictionary.

This can be quite cumbersome however. That’s why in this version of Smith & Hall, you will be able to click on any Latin word and be redirected to the corresponding article in Lewis & Short.

This way you can cross-reference and double check without the hassle of flipping through massive dictionaries. 

Just remember that Smith & Hall’s English-Latin dictionary is from the nineteenth century: Some words have shifted in meaning. So when searching for words, “think old”.

Now, go enjoy looking up words and translating!

Latin-English dictionary: Lewis & Short

This is the most used Latin-English Dictionary today. Unfortunately, most versions available online are full of errors. This version is reworked and largely improved to remove mistakes in vowel quantity. The layout of Latinitium’s version of Lewis & Short is hierarchically ordered for a much easier overview.

Click any Latin word to open than entry in the dictionary