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The crime and fate of Daedalus | Latin texts..Scelus et fatum Daedali | Litterae Latinae

Daedalus is most famous for being the first man to develop a viable flight technology—at least in Greek mythology. In this episode I recite this sad story of Daedalus and the fate of his son as they fled from captivity. In this story you’ll learn why he was locked up in the first place. Was he an innocent man?

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The story of Aeneas | Latin texts..Fabula de Aenea | Litterae Latinae

Aeneas, the famous Trojan, that took the long way around to get to his promised land of Italy. On the way he broke the heart of Queen Dido—inadvertently, according to legend, giving rise to Hannibal, the Carthaginian avenger, that would almost conquer Rome many centuries later. Listen to the audio of this intermediate level Latin story of Aeneas life. Enjoy!

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Gladiatorial combat in ancient Rome | Latin Texts

There is, as they say, nothing new under the sun. As the UFC is gaining popularity, and discussions arise regarding its role as entertainment, it can be useful to look to the Romans and their gladiatorial games, which though dramatically different, nevertheless, relate in spirit to the modern equivalents. Listen to the audio of the Latin text and follow along with the transcription.

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