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You can teach yourself Latin.

Let Latinitium’s articles, audio & videos help. Join the Sodalicium because we regularly send out more tips, updates and learning material. ..

Tuo Marte Latine discere potes.

Symbolae, auditiones, spectacula Latinitii auxilio esse possunt. Nomen da sodalicio Latinitii ut alia consilia, nuntios, subsidia didascalica accipias. ....

Learn Latin..Disce Latine


We believe anyone can learn to read Latin well. But it’s not always easy to know what to read and how.

Here you will find resources, and techniques for successfully learning or improving your Latin.


Nobis persuasissimum est quemlibet posse discere scripta Latina bene legere. At non semper facile est iudicare quae potissimum sint legenda vel qua via ad hanc facultatem quam celerrime pervenias.

Hac in sede subsidia atque rationes proponimus quibus usi homines Latine discant vel nova addiscant. 



Si forte nos, in sublime tendentes ad montis verticem, deciens praecipites devolvamur, immo centies, milliens, totiens ardentius ac inflammatiore spiritu iter idem arripiemus, ad eundem verticem terrarum advolabimus.
— Ringelbergius, De ratione studii

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2000 Years of Latin Prose

Two thousand years of Latin Prose is a free, digital anthology of Latin Prose. In it you will read and learn about Latin literature through key passages from great authors, from interesting authors, and even from neglected authors.

For every chapter:

  • Life and Works
  • Audio & Video
  • Latin Text
  • Keywords & Commentary
  • English Translation

Click below to view all chapters.


Videos and readings in Latin..Spectacula et recitata Latina


Listening to Latin a few minutes here and there, you can, over time, make great progress with learning Latin.

In our videos Daniel discusses authors, tells stories, and explains words and expressions—all in Latin.

We also publish carefully prepared recordings of short Latin texts representing a wide variety of Latin authors (from antiquity to the renaissance).


Quisquis Latina vel pauculas minutas hic illic auscultaverit, satis tempore magnos progressus in discendo facere poterit.

In pelliculis nostris Daniel de scriptoribus verba facit, fabulas narrat, vocabula locutionesque enodat—idque omnino Latine.

Idem locos diligenter recitatos quos sumpsimus ex immenso illo patrimonio litterarum Latinarum ab antiquis temporibus usque ad aetatem artium renatarum edimus.


Books and audiobooks in Latin..Libri et libri recitati Latini.


Reading or listenining to a large amount of Latin that is both easily comprehensible and enjoyable is paramount for mastering the language.

Each Latin book is available as carefully designed paperbacks and professionally produced audiobooks.


Illud est maximum auscultare vel legere scripta Latina quae facile intellegas quibusque delecteris.

Libros chartaceos accuratissime paratos et eosdem recitatos atque ex artis praeceptis microphono exceptos hic invenies.




Read about techniques and strategies for learning or improving your Latin, about history, literature, and the Latin language.

We also publish articles by leading scholars who discuss their areas of research.

Most articles are in English but some are written in Latin.


De viis atque rationibus Latine discendi, de rebus gestis, de litteris, de lingua Latina hic leges.

Symbolas edimus etiam ab grammaticis et rerum gestarum scriptoribus doctissimis qui de suis studiis scribunt.

Cum pleraeque symbolae Anglice sint scriptae, tamen sunt etiam aliquae Latine compositae.


Online Latin dictionaries..Lexica Latina retialia


Dictionaries are a necessity when learning or improving your Latin. Here you’ll find both Latin–English and English–Latin online dictionaries.

You can freely use these searchable dictionaries while reading, learning, writing, and translating Latin.


Lexica esse necessaria Latine discentibus quis neget? Hic duo lexica invenies quorum alterum Latino-Anglicum, alterum vero Anglico-Latinum. Aditus liber ad haec lexica discentibus, scribentibus, in Latinum convertentibus hinc patet.


Online course in Latin..Scholae retiales Latinae


This is an online course for the book Pugio Bruti — A Crime Story in Easy Latin. In 29 videos with quizzes, Daniel Pettersson teaches each chapter of the book in easy, comprehensible Latin.


Series scholarum retialis ad librum quae Pugio Bruti — A Crime Story in Easy Latin inscribitur confecta. XXIX pelliculis cum interrogatis Daniel Pettersson singula libri capita sermone Latino simplici docet.



  • 29 video classroom lessons where Daniel teaches each chapter of Pugio Bruti in Latin. .. XXIX scholae pelliculis exceptae in quibus Daniel singula capitula libri qui inscribitur Pugio Bruti lingua Latina usus docet. ....

  • 10 new dialogues to enrich the story. .. X novi dialogi quibus fabula augeatur.

  • Reading and listening comprehension quizzes in Latin. ..Exercitia qua pericliteris facultatem legendo et auscultando ingellegendi.

  • Detailed commentaries in English for every chapter explaining lexical, morphological and syntactical aspects. .. Adnotationes accurate Anglice scriptae quibus cum alia tum vocabula et praecepta grammaticorum explicantur.

  • Supplemental teacher materials..Subsidia docendi additicia


Weekly videos in Latin..Pelliculae Latinae singulis septimanis eduntur.

.... Every week we publish audio and videos in Latin for all the kind people who support Latinitium monthly on, .. Omnibus hominibus benignis qui nos apud sequuntur, pelliculas Latinas singulis septimanis edimus. ....
  • ....Latin audiobooks..Libri Latini recitati....
  • ....Lessons in Latin..Scholae Latinae....
  • ....Stories in Latin..Fabulae Latinae....
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Join the Sodalicium because we regularly send out tips, updates and learning material.



Daniel Pettersson, M.A., is co-founder of Latinitium and is currently teaching Latin at Stockholm University where he is also working on his PhD dissertation on Humanist Colloquia. Daniel believes in the importance of Latin literature in the modern world, and that you can teach yourself Latin with the right motivation, method and material.


Amelie Rosengren, M.A. and co-founder of Latinitium, is a published author, illustrator and historian. She specializes in daily life, has a soft spot for historic curiosities, and works as a museum educator at the world’s oldest open-air museum, Skansen.