As recently as a few decades ago, the world considered Latin long dead and buried. Since then, however, a vibrant community of living Latinists has sprung up, spanning continents and generations. By visiting Latinitium, you’ve made that community even stronger.

We want Latinitium to become its own community, an online center where we living Latinists can gather to celebrate our progress. We’d love it if you became an active part of our efforts, whether by helping us with some of the content creation, proofreading, or just spreading the word so that more and more Latinists around the world—teachers and students alike—can learn, thrive, and grow.

You can also support us through Patreon (; if you like, to show our appreciation, we’ll give you exclusive access to additional articles, MP3s, and videos. Our work on the site is time-consuming and unpaid, and the more you support us, the more we’ll be able to contribute to you, to the community we share with you, and to Latin.

Crescat, vigescat, floreat Latinitas!

Here are some ways in which you could contribute:

SPreading the word

1. Like us on Facebook and YouTube, and otherwise share the content on social media. Liking and sharing really helps bring the Latin content to other teachers and learners.

2. Spread the word amongst friends and colleagues.


1. Create subtitles for the YouTube channel, either by transferring the transcription to the YouTube videos or by doing a translation into another language.

2. Proof-read content.

3. Suggest (contact form below) interesting reading material for recording or for the Latin around the Web summaries, to get the most relevant material to people out there. 

last but not least

Apart from all the labor, the site costs around US$150 per month to keep it on the internet, and it would certainly help if we could get some assistance with those costs.

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