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Invita Minerva: Going against a Goddess

Have you ever done something against Minerva's will or "Invita Minerva" as Cicero would have put it? This Latin expression is about going against a goddess. Learn more about how Cicero used this expression, about a tip from Horace, about this expression, its meaning and even its use in more recent days and its popularity amongst poets.

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Stilum vertere: How to erase something like a true Roman

Was erasing something so different during Ancient Roman times than from today? Well, yes it was. You even had a special expression for it - to turn the pen or “stilum vertere”. This expression could also be used metaphorically. This article will teach you more about the expression “stilum vertere”, give you an insight to Roman writing practices and learn about Horace's notion about the importance for a poet to follow the instructions of the expression. 

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