Want to learn to speak Latin or Greek this (2017) summer? Here's where!

Learn to speak Latin at the various Latin summer courses.

Things have changed in the world of Latin since I started to teach myself to speak Latin many years ago.

Now there is a wide selection of summer immersion-style summer courses in Latin (and a few in ancient Greek) where the participants only speak Latin or Greek during the course.

Though I never attended one while learning Latin, I have been teaching at two the last few years, the Rusticatio in Virginia and the Conventiculum Bostoniense in Boston and I have seen the impact that being immersed in Latin for an extended period of time can have for beginners as well as more advanced students of Latin. After spending a week or more living in Latin, the language comes alive and that language that may have seemed so alien and abstract becomes something quite tangible and present.

Since there is a great variety of Latin programs available, I have tried to gather every single one below for easy reference. Bear in mind that I only have experience with two of them, so I cannot vouch for the quality. Click the name of the programs to access the accompanying website and learn more about them.

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Bene valete!



June 6–12 Schola Latina Corcagiensis (Cork, Irland)

June 10–July 16 Living Latin in Rome (Rome, Italy)

June 26–August 20 Academia Vivarium Novum (Rome, Italy)

July 2–16 Scholae Aestivae in Italia (Montella, Italy)

July 3–7 Colloquia Latina IV (Barcelona, Spain)

July 3–21 Polis Latin (Rome, Italy)

July 7–13 L.V.P.A. Seminarium Latinum Monasteriense (Münster, Germany)

July 4–8 Colloquia Barcinonensia (Barcelona, Spain)

July 9–30 Villa Æstiva in Agris Mugellanis (Florence, Italy)

July 17–30 Schola Aestiva Latinitatis vivae Posnaniensis (Poznan, Poland).

July 17–22 Germanicum seminarium Ottiliense (Germany)

July 20–August 26 5th Freising Latin Week (Freising, Germany)

July 24–August 19 Scholae Aestivae Latinitatis Vivae (The Netherlands)

July 29–August 5 28th Amöneburg Latin Week (Amöneburg, Germany)

July 31–August 5 Conventiculum Viterbiense (Viterbo, Italy)

August 20–26 Germanicum seminarium Theulegiense (Germany)

August 21–27 CAELVM: Cursus Aestivus Latinitatis Vivae Matritensis (Madrid, Spain)


June 13–17 Sermo Fidelium (Amenia, New York)

June 30–July 6 Rusticatio Tironum (Charlestown, West Virginia)

July 5–11 Conventiculum Dickinsoniense (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

July 7–13 Rusticatio Omnibus (Charlestown, West Virginia)

July 18–24 Rusticatio veteranorum (Charlestown, West Virginia)

July 18–24 Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi (Mobile, Alabama)

July 20–26 Conventiculum Lexintoniense (Lexington, Kentucky)

July 31–August 5 Tusculum Virginianum (McDowell, Virginia)

July 31–August 5 Veterum Sapientia (Belmont, North Carolina)

August 1–8 Conventiculum Bostoniense (Salem, Massachusetts)



June 11–30  Active Greek Institute (Bridgewater, Massachusetts)

July 12–19 Conventiculum Graecum (Lexington, Kentucky)

July 3–21 Polis Greek (Rome, Italy)

August 5–20  Living Greek in Greece (Selianitika, Greece)

August 19–September 2 Hellenikon Idyllion's Ancient Greek seminar (Greece)

August 27–29 Ἑλληνικοὶ διάλογοι ἐν τῇ Ἱσπανίᾳ (Madrid, Spain)

August 30–September 28 Polis Institute: Koine Greek (Jerusalem, Israel)

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