Summer courses 2018 in spoken Latin and Greek — Learn Latin!

Learn to speak Latin at the various Latin summer courses.

The last few years we've seen an explosion in the amount of spoken Latin (and Greek) summer courses available such that Pliny might well say:

Magnum proventum conventiculorum annus hic attulit.

What was once a rare and, ut vera dicam, quite an obscure occupation for Latin enthusiasts, the spoken Latin summer programs have grown into a cornerstone of the growing movement promoting the active use of Latin in and out of the classroom.

Last year I gathered all the dates and links in a post; having received numerous emails asking for a similar list of this year's events, I decided to put a new list together.

Bear in mind that I only have experience with a few of them, so I cannot vouch for the quality. Click the name of the programs to access the accompanying website and learn more about them.

If you know of any programs not on the list, leave a comment or contact us on TwitterFacebook or

So here it is, the spoken Latin and Greek programs of 2018!

Bene valete!



June 6–12 Schola Latina Corcagiensis (Cork, Irland)

June 8–15 + July 16–August 7 Talat Latin/Spoken Latin (Stockholm, Sweden)

June 9–July 15 Living Latin in Rome (Rome, Italy)

June 25–August 19 Academia Vivarium Novum (Rome, Italy)

July 2–2 Sermonis Latini Peritia atque Doctrina (London, England) 

July 2–20 Polis Latin (Rome, Italy)

July 4–25 Scholae Aestivae in Italia (Montella, Italy)

July 16–21 Seminarium Latinitatis Vivae (St Ottilien, Germany)

July 22–29 Conventiculum Luerense (Lovere, Italy)

July 23–10 Aus De Europææ Britanniæ Litteris Latinis. (London, England)

July 28–August 4 30th Amöneburg Latin Week (Amöneburg, Germany)

July 30–August 17 Scholae Aestivae Latinitatis Vivae (The Netherlands)

August 6–19 Schola Aestiva Posnaniensis (Poznan, Poland).

August 12–18 Seminarium Latinitatis Vivae (Tholey, Germany).

August 18–25 Collegium Carolivicanum (Sremski Karlovci, Serbia).

August 19–27, Schola aestiva linguarum classicarum (Tryavna, Bulgaria).

August 20–26 CAELVM: Cursus Latinitatis Vivae (Madrid, Spain).

September 3–9 7th Freising Latin Week (Freising, Germany)


June 23—July 13 Civitas Latina (Bridgewater, MA)

June 24–30 Veterum sapientia: Lay section (Belmont, NC)

July 1–7 Rusticatio Tironum (Charles Town, West Virginia)

July 5–11 Conventiculum Dickinsoniense (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

July 8–14 Rusticatio Omnibus (Charles Town, West Virginia)

July 15–21 Rusticatio veteranorum (Charles Town, West Virginia)

July 23–28 Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi (Hubertus, Wisconsin)

July 24–31 Conventiculum Lexintoniense (Lexington, Kentucky)

July 9–13 Tusculum Virginianum (McDowell, Virginia)

July 29–August 4 Veterum Sapientia (Belmont, North Carolina)

July 24–August 1 Conventiculum Bostoniense (Salem, Massachusetts)


July 16–20 Rusticatio Australiana (Kangaroo Valley)



June 23–July 13  Active Greek Institute (Bridgewater, Massachusetts)

July 2–20 Polis Greek (Rome, Italy)

July 15–22 Σσύνοδος ἑλληνική (Lexington, Kentucky)

July 29–August 12 Hellenikon Idyllion's Ancient Greek seminar (Greece)

August 4–19  Living Greek in Greece (Selianitika, Greece)

August 6–19 Schola Aestiva Posnaniensis (Poznan, Poland).

August 22–September 21 Polis Institute: Ancient Greek (Jerusalem, Israel)

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