Learn Latin with video and audio: 70 hours of spoken Latin

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More Latin!

Last year I published a post with a playlist in which I had collected video of as many high-quality Latin talks as I could find. I had originally created it for personal use but realized that it would be quite useful for other people as well.

More than a year has passed and it's time for an update.

Thanks to the increasing number of talks, conferences, and summer courses (see a list for 2018 here), I have been able to grow the number of hours in the playlist from around 50 to 70 hours of spoken Latin

Make it into a habit

Listening to a language you're learning is one of the best ways to improve: it's like physical exercise, the benefits are numerous, e.g. it forces you to understand the morphology, syntax, and vocabulary in real time; it trains you to anticipate the language. In all my language learning endeavors, I've always found that I make the greatest (and easiest) progress by listening to as much (level appropriate) content as possible in the target language, every day. 

I suggest making it into a habit to watch or listen to one or two of these videos of people speaking Latin, every day. As I've written about here, a little time spent listening or reading Latin every day leads to massive results in a year.   

Playlist content 

The playlist consists of videos of talks and lectures given by some of the best Latin speakers in the world, among other people, it contains videos of Luigi Miraglia, Nancy Llewellyn, Terence Tunberg, Vilfried Stroh and many more.

Many talks have been recorded with cell phones resulting in, at times, quite bad audio. But the Latin is still audible. 

It contains over 70 hours of spoken Latin. If you think any videos should be added, please let me know by e-mail or Twitter or Facebook.

Playback speed

Some of the speakers' Latin may be a bit too fast if you aren't used to hearing a lot of Latin. In that case, I recommend using the different playback speeds that YouTube offers. To change playback speed select (in the YouTube player):

  • settings (the cog wheel) > speed

You can click the thumbnail below to access the spoken Latin playlist!