Learn Latin with audio: 50 hours of spoken Latin

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Listening to Latin – audio & video

Through the years, in my different language learning endeavors, I've always marveled at how much I have been able to improve my overall ability in a language (especially French) through simply listening to as much (level appropriate) content as possible in the target language, every day.

The last few years I've been on the look out for any and all videos of skilled Latin speakers to listen to. Not too long ago the number of videos available was not that extensive.

Luckily things are changing: the amount of recordings of speeches and lectures held in Latin is increasing rapidly, making exposing ourselves to immense amounts Latin easier than ever.

Adding more Latin audio  

I've collected videos from all over YouTube into a playlist to watch/listen to and I thought I would share it. It contains videos of Luigi Miraglia, Nancy Llewellyn, Terence Tunberg, Vilfried Stroh and many more. It is by no means complete, but I have tried to include what I have found thus far.

At present it contains over 120 videos and over 50 hours of spoken Latin. If you think any videos should be added, please let me know by e-mail or Twitter or Facebook.

Playback speed

The Latin of some of these speakers can be quite fast if you aren't used to hearing Latin. If that is the case, I recommend using YouTube's different playback speeds. To choose playback speed select (in the YouTube player):

  • settings (the cog wheel) > speed

Click the image below to access the playlist of spoken Latin!