Review of H.C. Nutting's Ad Alpes

"...despite all this premeditated usefulness, the Latin is elegant; Nutting clearly possessed not only a meticulous knowledge of usage in the ancient writers, but a sure sense of the spirit of the language, a deep love of the particular elegance of expression that is unique to Latin, and a deft ear for the rhythms and sounds that delighted the Romans."

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A guide to Latin place names and their meanings

Interested in Latin place names? This article will help you do two things: understand Latin geographical names that you encounter and express geographical names in Latin yourself.



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Latin classes during the Roman empire

Two thousand years ago, when the Romans ruled a vast empire whose inhabitants spoke all sorts of different languages, many of those inhabitants wanted to learn Latin. So they signed up for Latin classes, where they learned using textbooks containing little dialogues about everyday life.

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Ex Antverpia Lux? De conventu quodam didascalico refert Christianus Laes

Die undecimo mensis Februarii anni 2017, cum nives regionem Flandricam leviter tangebant, annuus conventus magistrorum linguarum classicarum lares suos migravit. Moderatores enim locum consuetum in studiorum universitate Lovaniensi mutaverant pro campo studiorum universitatis Antverpiensis ut participes per totum diem non solum acroases audirent de lingua Latina necnon Græca vivo more tractandis, sed etiam ut experirentur quomodo ipsi tales vias ad bonum effectum adhiberent.

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Smith & Hall’s English-Latin dictionary now on

The English-Latin dictionary of Smith & Hall, originally published in 1871 under the title A Copious and Critical English-Latin Dictionary, is widely regarded as the best and most extensive lexicon for translating from English into Latin ever written. It is now available as a digital version on

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A guide to Dictionaries of Latin synonyms – How to tell the difference

Has this ever happened to you?

You're happily reading a Latin text when you come across a word you're not sure about.

You open the dictionary, look up the word, learn the definition, go back to reading.

A little further down you stumble on another word. Same thing. Look up the word, learn the… and confusion sets in. The two words have basically the same definition.

"What's the difference?" "Is there a difference?" 

After reading this article you'll know how to solve these age-old questions.

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How to ask someone not to do something in Latin

Even before the Aeneid’s “publication,” news had gotten out that Vergil was working on something truly grand. Propertius had heard a few verses, which so moved the Umbrian poet that he broke the secret in one of his elegies.  Now Augustus wanted to hear the epic: not just scraps, but a proper book, or three. The Mantuan bard obliged – did he have a choice? The VIP audience assembled for a private recitation, and 

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Runarum origo. Pars II de litteris Vikingorum

Cur res prorsus barbaricas in sede Latina tractem, fortasse requiritis; nec iniuria. Quaenam causa sit, brevi aperietur, namque in animo est docere qua via runae originem ex litteris Latinis duxerint. Quo ut perveniam, ex diversis scriptoribus Latinis, velut Tacito et Venantio Fortunato, eruta non ingrata proferam in lucem.

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BlogVictor Frans
How to Ask Politely in Latin

Latinists have recently been studying these things with interesting results. We now know more about linguistic accommodation in Latin, or how the status or identity of the addressee and speaker affected what a Roman said, we understand better Cicero’s letter writing practice, specifically, what kinds of scripts were available to him in making certain kinds of weighty requests, and how…

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Learn Latin with audio: 50 hours of spoken Latin

Learning Latin with audio has never been easier. For the last few years, I've been on the lookout for any and all videos and recordings of the best Latin speakers in the world to listen to. The amount of recordings of speeches and lectures held in Latin is increasing rapidly, making exposing ourselves to immense amounts Latin audio easier than ever.

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