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Latinitium’s video podcast treats a wide range of subjects, from idioms to literature, all in Latin.

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A growing selection of short studio recordings of short Latin texts (1–5 minutes) for different levels.

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Articles dedicated to everything Latin: literature, language, method and more, with guest posts by authors from inside and outside of academia.

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Latinitium is a platform for anyone wanting to learn to read and speak Latin. We regularly create and publish material for learning Latin:

  • Audio/video podcast in Latin

  • Blog on learning Latin, history, literature and more

Under "links" you will find a vast number of resources, from easy texts to online dictionaries. Latinitium was founded and is operated by Daniel Pettersson who teaches Latin at Stockholm University in Sweden.

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community & LATIN


As recently as a few decades ago, the world considered Latin long dead and buried. Since then, however, a vibrant community of living Latinists has sprung up, spanning continents and generations. By visiting Latinitium, you’ve made that community even stronger.

We want Latinitium to become its own community, an online center where we living Latinists can gather to celebrate our progress. We’d love it if you became an active part of our efforts, whether by helping us with some of the content creation, proofreading, or just spreading the word so that more and more Latinists around the world—teachers and students alike—can learn, thrive, and grow.

You can also support us through Patreon (; if you like, to show our appreciation, we’ll give you exclusive access to additional articles, MP3s, and videos. Our work on the site is time-consuming and unpaid, and the more you support us, the more we’ll be able to contribute to you, to the community we share with you, and to Latin.

Crescat, vigescat, floreat Latinitas!

Latinitium's video podcast treats various subjects, ranging from history and random subjects to particular expressions, literature and tips for learning Latin. The podcast is all in Latin. The difficulty varies with the subjects but overall we've tried to keep it at an intermediate level.

Most videos come with a downloadable audio file and a transcript.


Quid praestantius est quam vocibus discere linguam?
— Quidam, quodam in loco


Recordings (1–5 minutes) of short Latin texts (Easy to advanced).


Here we publish carefully prepared recordings of short Latin texts representing a wide variety of Latin authors (from antiquity to modern times). We will try to accommodate all levels of Latin, by recording both easier beginner texts and selections from the rich Latin literature.

With only a few minutes here and there, you can make great progress when learning Latin. These 1-5 minutes recordings of short Latin texts are perfect for listening to in spare moments.



On the Latinitium blog I and others write on various subjects such as expressions and idiom, particularly useful books, Latin literature, methodology and anything Latin related. ..
Hic ego et alii scribimus de variis rebus velut, de locutionibus, libris apprime utilibus, litteris Latinis, rationibus viisque, denique de quibuslibet rebus ad linguam Latinam pertinentibus.



Lingua nulla discitur e grammatica sed ex auctoribus idoneis.
— Johannes Amos Comenius